Our Whippet family

Here you will find lots of information about our whippets and those whippets which are now living with our friends. Together they make up our growing whippet family. Enjoy yourself and browse through the sites.

Whippets living with us

Our whippets share our lives, sofas and sometimes even our beds, we must confess. They all are loved family members and they are the basis of our hobby and our passion, the Kennel of Gentle Mind.

Dogs living with us...

Dogs living with friends

Here you can see all the dogs we are proud to have bred them. These are whippets owned by declared whippet fans. We are honoured that some of these new owners became good friends. These whippets live with other breeders, hobby-exhibitors or lovers of this breed. The pictured dogs are or were show dogs.

Dogs living with friends...

Stud dogs

In this part of our web site we would like to introduce all the dogs who fulfill the conditions for being a stud dog.

Stud dogs...

Puppies running
Playing in the meadow