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Puppy alarm put into practice

For a variety of reasons it is said that whippets are friendly, handsome, happy-go-lucky dogs. Very much sight hounds, they follow right on cue, although they may be not the first. In order to guarantee the emergence of those beloved and sensitive traits it is necessary to breed and look after Whippets with the utmost conscientiousness. Our puppies are whelped, nursed and looked after exclusively in our bedroom. We owe the puppies and their mother no less than this total dedication. At 3 weeks old they move with their mother into our kitchen, and also partly the living room. They learn to live in a family, with all the sounds of household, TV, vacuum cleaner and other dogs in different ages. Later on, in the 6th week, they need more than a puppy pen and at this point they move to secure fenced, heatable pens where they are exposed daily to new experiences.

Those new interested owners who are chosen to become future owners are invited to participate in this exciting, important process of socialization. In the evenings we take the puppies into the house - and to be honest, sometimes into our beds - an important part of accustoming them to forming a close bond with and other puppies. At 12 weeks old they can move to their new families and the new baskets, sofas or beds.

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